Feeling Charts

The Feeling Charts are in PDF format and contain 4 characters (Liza, Omar, Hazel and Gus) depicting the following 24 feelings:

Happy, Excited, Proud, Loving, Calm, Focused, Sad, Hurt, Sorry, Lonely, Tired, Bored, Scared, Surprised, Embarrassed, Confused, Worried, Anxious, Mad, Disgusted, Jealous, Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Furious.

The Charts feature high-resolution illustrations in full colour and come in two sizes: 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17.

The Charts can be used to develop all of the happy habits through hands-on experiences, repetition, play, creativity and storytelling.

The PDF format provides immediate access after purchase. Scroll through the images above to find paper recommendations and printing instructions.

Link to our resources page for free materials and our Pinterest boards for many carefully curated activities to help kids care for feelings.

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