Feeling Cards

These Feeling Cards are in PDF format and include a set of 4 characters (Liza, Omar, Hazel and Gus) depicting the following 24 feelings:

Happy, Excited, Proud, Loving, Calm, Focused, Sad, Hurt, Sorry, Lonely, Tired, Bored, Scared, Surprised, Embarrassed, Confused, Worried, Anxious, Mad, Disgusted, Jealous, Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Furious.

A Feeling Card Games handout is also included with purchase.

The cards can be used to develop all of the happy habits through hands-on experiences, repetition, play, creativity and storytelling.

Each highly expressive card features an original digital illustration and measures 4.25” x 5.5”. Scroll through the images above to find paper recommendations and step-by-step printing instructions or check out our blog post for 3 different ways to print the cards.

The PDF format provides immediate access after purchase. If you prefer a hard copy version of the deck click here.

Check out our resources page for free materials to use with the cards, as well as our Pinterest boards for more carefully curated research and activities to help kids care for feelings.

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